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Building & Project Consultants

Paragon is a sizeable independent building & project consultancy. They are experts in all aspects of building surveying, project management, cost consultancy, and construction technology, throughout Europe.

We have been providing services to Paragon since 2010. Our first project was in Peterborough and was a little over 2,200 M2. Recently Paragon assisted a client (asset management company)  in purchasing an office block in Cheapside.  The roof had standing issues, 13 significant leaks in all, on a roof covered with air handling units and various M&E Plant. Building management had received competitive bids for repairs, north of £200,000.00.  These quotes provided no warranty as the works were best effort repairs only.  Moreover, the quotations did not precisely identify the issues.  We completed all the repairs with 100% success. A 10-year insured warranty was also provided.  The final cost was south of £30,000.00.  As the Americans's say, "you do the math".

Deutschland Foreign Office

This project was quite complicated, and yet, a real pleasure.  Originally, we brought in as a sub contractor to install a very high spec system to the residency front balconies.  Later we were asked to refurbish every flat roof on the entire complex as the Principle Contractor. This included refurbishing the Visa Section roof while business continued. To ad to the difficulty, it was not possible to erect a temporary scaffolded roof. For reasons we can't divulge, we were required to remove over a 80 tones of concrete in addition to the waterproofing. The precision of planning that was required was considerable to say the least. Working with the German Architects, we were able to complete the roof with only one small leak that was experienced on a Sunday night.  The project was completed within the time allowed.  At no point did the Visa Section have to suspend its operations. All the works were carried out in two phases that combined in approximately 12 months of works.  Though one of the most complicated projects we have carried out, it was remarkably the most enjoyable. If only they would let us score the occasional penalty, they would be the perfect client.

Mitie Built Enviroment

Mitie Built Enviroment is significant player in the construction industry.  We have been providing roofing to, two different divisions of Mitie since 2007.  In 2010 Mitie employed Sunrise Roofing to carry out over £200,000.00's worth of Heritage standard roofing to the Deutsche Bank on 15 Austin Friars.  This included bespoke "fish scale" slatework that was cut & quarried from Wales especially for the project.  As a result of the standard of this work (and other projects), we were asked to carryout a considerable amount of Heritage Leadwork and Heritage Asphalt works to both the Houses of Lords, and the Houses of Parliament. We first started these works in December of 2012, and finally completed the works mid 2016. Though the works were incredibly complexed, and in very difficult circumstances, it was an absolute pleasure and a privilege. 

Cordles is well known in London as a main contractor specialising in extremely high spec builds. Sadly, we are not allowed to brag the specifics, but the norm would be middle easter royalty, Lords, and the off famous person.  Projects for Cordle's have to be carried to a very specification.  We have sincerely enjoyed the challenges Cordle's have presented to us over the last 8 years.  It has always been a real pleasure.


Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

We carried out our first project for the RNOH in 2006. Since then, we have completed around 45 roofing projects.  I think its fair to say that a number of the RNOH buildings are ageing beyond their original service life.  Working in a hospital environment requires a certain type of consideration and adoption to environment.   Working at the RONH is a real pleasure, They are great people that work very hard.


Paragon is part of the Interserve Group of companies (21 offices in the UK).  They are an Interior fit-out and refurbishment contractor that specialises in high-end. larger commercial projects. Recently we completed a project on a large office block in Whitechapel.  The project required 1400M2 of roofing and a 1,000 metre2 plant deck installed to house all the AC units for the entire building.  All the works, including destructive, had to be carried out with the tenants in situ.  Obviously, the noise had to be kept to an absolute minimum for people to work.  This included 18 roof lights and 4 smoke vents...

The project was planned very carefully. As such, we were able to carry out the works with minimal interruption. Adapting to a difficult situation or set of circumstances, is something we have become very adept at.  Mainly because we take the time to plan carefully, and fully understand the brief.  

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