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Our Repair Service

A good deal of the leaks we look at, are down to a small fault. In many cases these faults can be permamnently repaired that day.


This often means that the repair cost ends up far less than if we had to have budgeted for a team to return at a later date.  It also saves you, or your tenant from having to take time off twice!

Whether you're a Home Owner, a Property Manager, or you own a Buy to Let, we can simplify things. If needed, we can report to you live from the roof, using a video feed that can be seen on either iPhone or Android smartphone.  When we've completed the repairs, we can send you a written report with pictures of the repairs.

If the problem is not repairable there and then, of course there is no charge.   We will simply provide you with a written condition report and a detailed line item quotation.

Need more details?  Call us on 0845 4657663

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