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Survey & Consultancy

This is a service we provide to a number of key clients, including Paragon Building Consultancy Ltd, RLF Ltd, and Mitie.  From assistance with commercial conveyance reports, to electronic fault finding, to condition and maintenance assessments. We have provided this services as far away as Bonn in Germany  We have also assisted a number of Architectural practices with value engineered specifications for major projects.  

  • We have cutting edge electronic leak detection equipment, that pin point a breach in the waterproofing as small as 0.5mm.  

  • We have a protometer which is capable of looking 20mm through  most waterproofing systems, to detect underlying water.

  • We can carry out core-tests providing an accurate understanding of the roofs condition and history.

  • We provide thermal surveys that can detail the U-Value / thermal resistance of a roof.

  • We can also provide thermal calculations for refurbishment.

  • We can provide a detailed report of the roof to assist with future maintenance and refurbishment budgets.

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